SBYC Membership

2018 Membership Application

Note: New Member applications require the recommendation of two SBYC Members and completed applications should be sent to the Membership Team.

SBYC Event Financial Reports:

Event Financial Report SAMPLE blank – MS Word or PDF

Reimbursement Voucher for SBYC related expense – PDF

Members Personal Use of the SBYC Club Room – Advised to read Policies & Procedures, Section 5: (Downloads to computer) :

Yacht Club room use – Sample letter with Requirements – MS Word

Yacht Club room use – Sample letter acknowledges request – MS Word

Yacht Club room use – Sample HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT – MS Word (Downloads to computer)


Small Boat Registration Form – PDF

Sample Hold Harmless Agreement – MS Word (Downloads to computer)

John Wayne Marina regulations require that any time a leased space will be vacant for a period of 48 hours or more, the moorage tenant is required to notify the Marina Office using the following form.

The Rules (R&R 3.7) can be downloaded HERE, but Questions about the regulations or use of the form should be directed to the JWM Harbor Master.

JWM Temporary Transient Assignment form – MS Word