The SBYC Ships Store has changed to a Web based system, linking you directly to Captain T’s in Port Angeles to place your order from a full range of items.  When an item is selected, the member completes an on-line Captain T’s INQUIRY form and Captain T’s will respond with the cost and a ship date. The order, follow-up questions and payment will be handled by e-mail, telephone or in person, so SBYC members can receive personalized service from a local retailer of long standing in our community.

Feel free to contact the Ship’s Store manager at if you have questions.

For best results, read the following instructions for navigating the Ship’s Store and Captain T’s web site:

Step One: Select SBYC Logo best suited for your apparel, bag or hat from the following options. 
Note the Logo number as it will be needed on the Inquiry form (step 6).

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 7.06.46 PM.png

Flag Burgee #SB01 Most popular on shirts, sweats, hats and other apparel.  $9.06 per item

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 7.07.04 PM.png

Anchor Crest #SB02 Well suited for jackets and other full zip apparel.  $9.84 per item

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 7.07.34 PM.png

Full Front #SB03 Large, across the chest logo best on apparel without a front closure such as full zipper.  $24.82 per item

You should NOTE the SB xx number to later include it on the Captain Ts order form or to pass to there personnel by telephone.

You will be leaving the SBYC Website.

Step Two:  Go to Captain T’s website to select the specific apparel, hat or bag you wish to order.

Step Three: After you have selected an item, click on the ‘Add to inquiries’ button, to the right of picture of product you are viewing.

Step Four: Next you will confirm the color, size and quantity for each item desired and click the ‘Update Cart’ button (there may be several, but click only one update).

Step Five: The next Captain T’s page lists the items selected and the cost, without embroidery, taxes and shipping charges.  At this time you may add more items.  Click ‘Submit Inquiry’ when finished.

Step Six: The last Captain T’s page is the PRODUCT INQUIRY form. Complete the form with attention to the following:

  • In the ‘PO#’ Box, put your Cruise Number i.e.: SBXXXX to identify you as an SBYC member and can be found on under your Roster Photo.

  • In the ‘Imprint Information’ Box, put the number of the Logo design desired by number that was on the SBYC Web Site. Also, include any Custom Boat or personal names, etc.

  • When done, click ‘Submit’ at the bottom.  Captain T’s will contact you to confirm Imprinting instructions, answer questions and take your payment information.