You’re an experienced rower?
You’ve never been in a shell?

Whatever your experience level, there’s a place for you in the Sequim Bay Yacht Club sculling program. 

If you’ve rowed before—in junior, college, or masters programs—or if you’ve erged thousands of meters in the gym, you know that rowing is one of the best aerobic, total-body exercises, no matter what your current fitness level. For those who have never picked up an oar, join the Sequim Bay crew for whatever your schedule permits—every morning, once a week, a couple of times a month. You’ll see how easy it is to burn calories, develop cardiovascular health, and tone all your major muscle groups. And, of course, you’ll make new friends, have fun, and enjoy the beauty of Pacific Northwest waters.  

For rowers who enjoy competition, club members are pursuing opportunities for training and participating at more than the recreational intensity level. In 2018, club-sanctioned events added rowing competition and sponsored a rowing regatta as part of our Reach and Row for Hospice fundraiser.

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